Studio Algorhythmics is a studio-lab founded by Shintaro Miyazaki and supported by the Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures.* It is aiming at practice generated moments of synthesis where practice-based research, design research and artistic practice melts with theoretical thinking and theory-based analysis. Studio Algorhythmics is the continuation of an older project called “Institute for Algorhythmics”, which was founded 2008. This website is an online platform, blog, archive and web-based playground for communicating its ongoing and past project.

Algorhythm is a word combination of ALGORITHM and RHYTHM. An algorithm is a finite sequence of step-by-step instructions, a procedure for solving a problem, often used in computers as programms or in everyday life as cooking recipes. Rhythm on the otherside is defined as a time based order of movement. Algorhythms occur when real matter and energy fluctuations are controlled by abstract symbolic structures like instructions written as code. Click here for links to more in-depth going theoretical explanations.

Github, Twitter, Vimeo and Academia.edu (Shintaro Miyazaki).


*at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design.