November 2015, 2: Workshop Easternbloc Montreal with Jamie Allen

Nov 2015: Some more materials from the workshop on psychogalvanics, the E-Meter and cybernetics I conducted together with Jamie Allen such as a PDF (61.5MB) of the course material (with more historical contexts such as Carl Jung, feedback, science-fiction but also the part list etc.) and some pictures of the participants. The workshop was about re-constructing, re-composing an old galvanic skin resistance measurment circuit also used by new religious movements as a control technique. It also reflected upon the media archaelogy of these media technologies and psychophyscial circuitry, which Jamie calls apocryphal technology. Since there were some scholars and writers from the media art history conference involved, we are now putting together a special issue for a renown online para-academic online journal. More news soon.. For the schematics and the eagle files see this post.