Psychogalvanics Workshop with Jamie Allen soon (Nov 7-8 2015)

Nov 2015: Preparing for the workshop next weekend “Deconstructing the Scientology E-Meter. Re-Creating Apocryphal Technologies” together with Jamie Allen has been a highly fruitful learning process. Starting with the theory of basic instrumentation amplifiers, electrodermal activity, psychogalvanicresponses and biosignals in general. I have been translating a basic amplifier circuit into eagle and a PCB design, that we can DIY-print via the so called “toner transfer method”. Designing PCBs was easy, but the most tedious part is finding the correct parts. Since we have been etching the PCB by DIY-methods, I needed to adjust the design of the parts a little bit and also hand-correct the autoroute and ground plate (here some useful links: General linking; use the ripup command; changing padsize; basics). A single sided layout is quite difficult with a slightly complex circuit like we used, so I used some hidden wires instead of a second layer.

Have a look at the gallery and videos of both the breadbord and PCB-version. Thanks to Moritz Greiner-Petter for providing the final twist to the board and thanks to Robin Michel a student from Institut Kunst for helping me. Check the github for the eagle-files, the schematic and other PDFs (check also this post).