Studies on Criticality No. 1 – Final results

Sept 2014: On the 14th this month, within the “Preview”-Event of the Academy of Art and Design, Studio Algorhythmics showed some stage of Studies on Criticality No. 1. an installation that explores cellular automata not only visually, but through audification by a multi-channel speaker system. Cellular automata are interesting, since they show four stages or classifications of patterns and rhythms, which are monotonic, oscillating, random and complex. Obviously the transitions/ differences between those phases are studies on criticality of some sort.

The speakers were driven by a 5A lab power source (standing on the floor in the final installation) and controlled by an ArduinoMega and a self-made-“shield” (PCB to connect with the sockets of the arduino) with many darlington array circuits. The speakers are self-made, since funnels/sinkholes are misused as speaker cones and the small speakers have been glued into the center of the funnels. All connections are soldered by hand. The ArduinoMega is connected to an processing program via serial communication. The processing program generated the cellular automata and patterns. Some further developments, such as using bigger speakers, test out different spatial set-ups and architectures are planned for the future.